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Discovery Time Childcare is a fully licensed day care facility in Tempe, AZ  that believes in pairing education with fun and exciting activities. We are always happy to show your child the attention and care he or she deserves and will always help them develop and learn new skills.

  • Infants (from 6 weeks to 11 months old)

  • Toddlers (12 months to 36 months old)

  • Preschoolers (3 years old to 4 years old)

  • Pre-Kindergarten (4 years old to 5 years old)

  • School Age Programs (Elementary Age *up to 12 years old) Transportation To and From Schools

  • Tempe Elementary School List -  Frank, Carminati, Holdeman, Wood and Scales

Special Activities We Offer Include:


  • Dance Class

  • Educational Exercises

  • Homework Assistance

  • Fun Daily Activities (math, science, art, motor skills, drama, music and language)

Funding Programs:

  • DES (Childcare assistance)

  • Child Care Food Program

Meals and Snacks:

  • Breakfast

  • Morning Snack

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Snack

  • Dinner 

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